About us

       Xi’an Airborne Electromagnetic Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Xi’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a high-tech company which engages in Aircraft Lighting Protection, Wind Turbines Generator Lighting Protection, Airborne Equipment Development, and Airborne Electromagnetic Environment Effect Research.

       The company possesses Lightning and Electromagnetic Environment Laboratory which is a leading one in China. As an independent third-party testing agency, the laboratory provides authoritative lightning protection test service for the civil and military fields such as wind power, aviation, aerospace, ship and so on. Based on laboratory technology platform, Airborne Electromagnetic continues to deep study lightning protection technology, develop simulation and advisory services, research and develop lightning protection products, and provide customers with a complete solution for lightning protection. 


       With the capacity of the single-machines in wind turbines generator gets bigger, the height of the wind turbine constantly rises as the increasement of hub height and impeller diameter, the risk of lightning strike also becomes lager. Lightning strike has become the greatest harm to the safe operation of the wind turbine in the nature. Airborne Electromagnetic combines with several years of experiences in lightning test and lightning protection design in wind power and aviation fields, and provides customers with an overall solution including lightning monitoring, simulation analysis, lightning protection products, lightning protection design, test verification and so on.